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[Request] yokai no atsuki tatakai . The Heated Yokai Battle (MSX)


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  • dreams2k changed the title to [Request] yokai no atsuki tatakai . The Heated Yokai Battle (MSX)

Since it's Japan, they seem to have been negligent about selling the digital version. If the price was right, I would buy it if there was a digital version.


thank you for your message
Among the MSX games introduced
Let’s play Penko and TomTam Twins.
I will request it
Please recommend and introduce other good MSX games.

By the way, while translating the page into Korean, I clicked the button that said submit report.



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When I was young, I played korean console zemmix and play zanac and the maze of galious and rambo and  Scarlet 7 
Now that I'm an adult, I'm playing with an emulator again.
 The MSX games I play then and now are very different.


It was fun in the past and it's still fun now.

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On 2023/10/9 at 午後8時4分, putifruti said:




  • このトピックに反応するか返信すると、非表示のコンテンツが表示されます。


Thank You

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