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Bean Brothers (ZX Spectrum Next) - David programa - 2023


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Bean Brothers is a fun and challenging platform game for ZX Spectrum Next. You control two characters, Fabe and Lubi, who must work together to beat the game's 40 levels.

Fight against multiple enemies, avoid hazards, open doors and study the level before solving it - or not, maybe you need to react fast because an enemy is coming towards you!

Sharpen your platforming skills, you may need them for dodging enemies and perform difficult jumps, but beware - your partner may be in danger and you should switch quickly to get him out of danger. But speed is not all, in some occasions you will need to think before pulling that lever, you may get trapped!

The game was originally released in 2018 by Dave Hughes for ZX Spectrum 48K/128K, who kindly gave me permission for this remake for the ZX Spectrum Next. As the target machine is more powerful, I have enhanced graphics, added more songs, more levels and rewritten everything from scratch.

This remake has the 20 levels from the original game, plus another 20 extended levels, with a bigger screen size and greater difficulty. 



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