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Sonic the Hedgehog Collection 2


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Sonic the Hedgehog Collection 2
Sonic 1 - Score Rush (vREV02A dtd 23 Apr 2023)
Sonic 1 Enhanced (v1.0 dtd 17 Jun 2023)    
Sonic 1 Jammed
(v2.1 dtd 27 Aug 2023)
SoNiC & ShaDoW Double Jump ReMiX (v1.33NEW ST dtd 05 Aug 2023)
SHADOW In Sonic 1(v1.0 dtd 09 May 2023)
Charmy Bee in Sonic the Hedgehog (v1.1 dtd 29 Jan 2016)
Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog (v2.0 dtd 25 Dec 2015)
Rusty in Sonic 1 (v1.0 dtd 19 Aug 2022)    
Silver Sonic: The Revenge
(v1.0 dtd 10 Jan 2023)
Robotnik Returns (v1.0 dtd 24 Oct 2014)    

Hack Information


Sonic 1 - Score Rush
This ROM hack introduces three new gamemodes to the game, all focused around one central gimmick, that being the Score Rush.

The Score Rush is a gameplay gimmick in which your score, which starts from 5000 points, constantly goes down at a steady pace. Should it go down to 0, the player immediately fails the challenge. Most standard methods of obtaining points still work, but you can also obtain points through rings, checkpoints, and powerups. Finishing levels awards you a fixed 1000 point bonus, with the score tallies being completely removed.

The gamemodes featured within this ROM hack are the following:

    Score Rush: A full playthrough of Sonic 1 from start to finish, with the Score Rush gimmick. The objective is beating the game with the highest score possible. Running out of points leads to an immediate, full restart of the playthrough.
    Endless Rush: A playthrough of randomly selected Sonic 1 levels, increasing in difficulty as it goes on. The objective is beating the highest possible amount of levels in one sitting.
    Quick Rush: The gamemode allows the player to select one level of their liking, and playing said level under the usual Score Rush gimmick.

Other changes include:

    A brand new main menu, from which all features of the game can be browsed;
    The option to have a modernized moveset, including moves such as the Spin Dash, the Super Peel-Out, and the Drop Dash;
    Complete, automatic SRAM support.

Not all of the people directly (or indirectly) involved with the development of Sonic 1 - Score Rush could be credited in the appropriate form. You can see the extended credits list from within the game’s “VIEW CREDITS” option.

Sonic 1 Enhanced
This is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis with less bugs, new features and enhanced graphics. The hack has features include:
    Display the Press Start Button Text
    Fix Accidental Deletion of Scattered Rings
    Fix Ring Timers
    Fix the Hidden Points Bug
    Fix Special Stage Jumping Physics
    Change Spike Behavior
    Fix the Walk-Jump Bug
    Fix the Camera Follow Bug
    Fix Scattered Rings’ Underwater Physics
    And finally… Add the Air Roll
Make sure you use a clean ROM to work.

Sonic 1 Jammed
Sonic 1 with jam layouts and features wrapped up in a nice options menu

The Main features:
- Includes Revision 00, Revision 01, Easy and Original Layouts. (Original is just Revision 01 but with a fix to prevent jumping over the level in SLZ2.)
- Can enable or disable the level order for easy mode separately from Easy mode itself. (Easy mode has files for every level, which contain some differences from normal mode)
- Enable or disable the spindash
- Enable or disable Time Overs
- Switch bug behavior between original and Jam’s (Same as Sonic 2’s)
v2.1 changes: Fixes the rest of the bosses in easy mode not having the smaller hit count.
v2.0 changes: Big update from Devon fixing a lot of easy mode things and adding in missing features:
- Port over easy mode Final Zone boss
- Apply easy mode hit count for Labyrinth Zone boss
- Fix spike bug not being disabled
- Default to 3 continues on start for easy mode

SoNiC & ShaDoW Double Jump ReMiX
** New alternate SOUNDTRACK (3 New tracks)
SoNiC & SHADOW Double Jump ReMix by TRaiNoR
    Play as either SONIC or SHADOW (Selectable on menu screen)
    Spindash added with animations
    Double Jump with ‘Shoes box’ or 50 RINGS (incentive to collect rings)
    New Level Order
    New Level Names
    New Level Layouts (Trying to keep good flow)
    New custom sprites and Art
    Various Bug fixes (SPIKES / SS Rotation)
    New Special stage layouts
    New S / Goggle / Robotnik Monitors
    Water added to different levels
    Plus other many features
    *V1.33 ST New soundtrack. Final version 05.8.23 New tracks and music fixes

Charmy Bee in Sonic the Hedgehog
This is a hack which adds Charmy the Bee from Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Heroes into the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. In normal stages Charmy will do air dashes instead of jumping by pressing the jump button and any direction. It can be done multiple times so he can easily fly through the tops of some stages. In special stages Charmy has the ability to jump but cannot air dash. Collision has be edited so the player will interact with objects correctly.

Note that the patch was created on a 1.0 version of the ROM in BIN format. It has not been tested on other versions nor ROM formats. The patch is in xdelta format due to shifted data in the hack.

Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog
Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog as you truly imagined, minus the useless copy abilities. The Hack also features REV01 background effects, and bugfixes. Kirby can inhale monitors and most enemies but cannot copy their abilities. Life counter function as Health points and the only way to obtain Health is grabbing every 50+ Rings, Lampposts, Randomized 1Up Monitors, or Score every 50000+ points. The hack also contains 4 Difficulty modes.
Up + A/B/C - Run
Down + A/B/C - Inhale
Jump + A/B/C - Float
BEGINNER: Rings and Lives function exactly like the original Sonic.
EASY: Health based Lives, Casual players only.
NORMAL: Health based Lives and Randomized Monitors.
INSANE: Like Normal, except Continues disabled, No 1Up from Lampposts, and 100+ Rings for a 1Up.

Rusty in Sonic 1
In South Island, Rusty arrives with plans to stop the evil HD. Will it arrive fast enough?
For the 31st anniversary of our blue hedgehog, this rom hack is now here, enjoy :P

SHADOW In Sonic 1 (Original Levels) TRaiNoR
This is a stripped back, simple version of another hack ive done. This just changes the main charater into SHADOW.
Most the original music is here but the title and credits has been changed
FIXING VARIOUS BUGS and adding spindash with animation
Roll jump bug fixed Special stage scrolling fixed Spike bug fixed

Silver Sonic: The Revenge
Silver Sonic: The Revenge (Or Silver Sonic’s Revenge) is a level, palette and graphics hack for Sonic the Hedgehog 1. It replaces all the levels (Aside from Labyrinth Zone, which is omitted) with brand-new ones and replaces Sonic with the titular Silver Sonic, who is on a mission to avenge his Master Robot buddies who got thrown in Labyrinth Zone by Robotnik for failing to kill Sonic during the events of Sonic 2 8-bit by killing the mad doctor. (However, with how well-guarded Robotnik is with all his kaizo traps, good luck to Silver Sonic.)

This was originally designed for and released at the Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 and did not win any trophies due to its insane difficulty. However, it is still a well-designed hack (Mostly) in terms of level design, difficulty aside, and was entirely made with an obsolete editor on Windows XP rather than using a disassembly and is as such pretty impressive. Other than that, it’s pretty much only submitted here for archival purposes.

If you’re looking for a good Sonic hack starring Silver Sonic from S2 8-bit, look no further than Silver Sonic: Rise of the Death Egg, its sequel for Sonic 1 SMS which, while still difficult, is much more polished and a whole lot more fun for less skilled Sonic players.

But if you’re looking for a good Sonic 1 kaizo hack that isn’t too hard (On Kaizo scale, not regular scale) this is the hack for you!!! From the blind jumps of Scrambled Egg, to the Firey Lava of Temple, to the Bumper Jumps of Lethal City and everything in Egg Base, you have many challenges awaiting!

Now, let the games begin.

Robotnik Returns     
Robotnik was getting frantic. Every plan he made seemed to be thwarted effortlessly by the blue hedgehog, and his ideas were getting stupider and stupider by the week. Utterly confused and enraged, he looked back on some of his old files, and realized that his previous ideas were much better than his current schemes! They’d given Sonic a run for his money, and he had just barely escaped Robotnik’s seemingly fool-proof plan. Perhaps, if he lured Sonic back to South Island, he could get his old lairs back in working order. Of course, most of the ruins had been torn apart by the test of time and Dr. Eggman’s “Modifications”. Green Hill Zone was protected by the lingering chaos emerald magic, and spring yard zone had to be left behind. He got lucky, though. Scrap Brain Zone was in working order, and he worked hard to make it as cruel and soul crushing as Sonic could ever imagine…

    New music,palettes,artwork,names,n layouts for various zones.
    Completely different level order
    A new character, activated by pressing B: Sanic Teh Hegehog!
    A re-imagining of Hidden Palace Zone added the way that Sega intended (currently, its just a shortcut to Scrapped Ruin Zone).
    Alterations to the boss arenas
    Various bonuses for collecting all six chaos emeralds (start with 10 rings, orbinauts spawn with no rings, S monitors give 50 rings, etc.)
    New special stage layouts
    A new zone at the SBZ2 twist
    And of course, a badly ported spindash XD

As Always Have Fun

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