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Sega CD/Sega Saturn Emulator For The Sega Dreamcast


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I mean if anybody says that it's hard to do if I knew how to program I don't think it's hard it's just that I mean how can something so hard to create it won't be hard to create cuz if you ask yourself this question how is it that the company that made the system don't even know how to emulate it cuz they're saying it's hard to emulate even the company doesn't know how to emulate it which I don't believe that's true is just why you got to do is find a source code but I feel like we need a Sega CD and a Sega Saturn or both together emulator for the Sega Dreamcast or at least can we get some of the second Saturn games ported over to the Sega Dreamcast like golden extra dual needs to be over there ShinobiX final fight revenge last Bronx fighters megamix fighting vipers Sonic fighters and we should be able to see Sega Naomi games ported over to the Sega Dreamcast and all the atomic wave games should be able to be ported over to the Sega Dreamcast and does anybody out there know anybody who has actual reproductions of Sega Dreamcast games like the ones that we make the homebrews and etc but I mean like you know it has to manual the case to cover and they're selling them for the low price cuz I'm interested in one to know too fat as well because I'm interested in the buyer just so I can have the nostalgic feel of a real Dreamcast game like look like the real Dreamcast games real case and cover real CDs not the burnt copy version looking like a real City the real CDs but they repose do y'all know anybody out there who has them let me know cuz I'm interested long as they're not expensive because I don't think they should be expensive but let me know because do y'all think this will be a good idea to have to say good CD and a Sega Saturn emulator on the Sega Dreamcast

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