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Tiny Peter ZX Spectrum Next


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To run, copy the folder and contents onto your Next's SD Card, then select "Tiny Peter.bas" from the browser.

It is advised that you hard reset your machine before running.


You are a medical nanobot called Tiny Peter. You have been sent inside the body of a sickly alien to help cure it of its disease. You have to make contact with the diseased cells in each area to remove them. But also be careful of the alien's natural defences which will sap your battery power on contact.

Use keys O and P to move left and right. Q to jump. Push R to reset the current screen if you get stuck (this uses up 1 battery power).

On the title screen, push 1 for Easy and 2 for Normal.

Easy mode gives you 9 battery power, which fully recharges between areas.

Normal mode gives you 9 battery power for the entire game






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