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is there a way to get sega cd games,32x and sega saturn games ported over to the sega dreamcast would love to see on the sega dreamcast a sega 32x emulator or a single port 32x emulator or sega cd emulator or a sega saturn ported games to the sega dreamcast or make a sega all in one console with online play plus online apps as well like pluto,hula,netflix well you get the iedasorry for the typo but you get what im saying


GatorCountry here. I see no reason to have all those breaklines and caps so I deleted them. Not a full grammar fix ... by a lot ... but much less obnoxious now. 

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All caps and a shitton of breaklines. ... ... I think he's trolling me, but, just in case the question is genuine what I'll do is edit out the most annoying features of the original post and answer.



No but also yes, that's rather easy.


The Dreamcast has something like 16MBs of ram. It can not, nor will it ever, emulate a Saturn. Sega CD and 32x, are possible, but there is no easy way and one would have to know how to write and edit emulators themselves to do it. To that end, no one here is able.


As far as Netflix and hulu and stuff on your Dreamcast :lol: christ. Maybe with DreamPi to get a modern internet connection on your Dreamcast and maybe might one day make apps available through DreamShell but that's very unlikely. As far as I know the retro console operating system developer community is much smaller than emulation. I only know of one active Dreamcast OS dev and he makes DreamShell. It's very unlikely you'll get our Russian friend interested in making Netflix work on Dreamcast hardware ... ... ... :lol:



Now for the yes parts.


If you want a rather cheap machine that can run the Sega hardware and Apps get a cheap PC or tablet or some such and program a frontend then make that frontend the OS's shell program. Badabing. If you're interested and want help post again. This time, leave caps lock off and don't hold enter down when you're done.



Finally, if you're disabled I'm sorry I called you obnoxious. It's no harm done to work around someone. But if you're trolling, stop being a dick.



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