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C64 Compilation 33


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5 hours ago, pspjoe said:

C64 Compilação 33

Advent 101 (2023) RPG
BrainBreak (2023) Puzzle
Burgers go to Switzerland (2023) Shooter
Destiny Hunter (2023) Aventura
Indiana Jones Last Crusade (2023) Arcade
Manky V2 (2023) Platform
Mech 64 (2023) Strategy
Moggys Tomb (2023) Platform
Skarn Keep (2023) Adventure
Vampire Dungeon (2023) RPG Adventure
BeHo mais velho(2017) Maze
Scare Bear (2016) Arcade
Solomon's Key (2017) Platform
Alien (2017) Estratégia
Star Eggs (2017) Platform
Workman (2016) Maze
ZappyBird (2017) SEUCK Shooter
Squad 1 (2017) Horz. Atirador

Stinger (2023) Arcade Shooter
Trax (2023) Arcade 2Player
Pac-Man (2023) Maze
Get High (2023) Arcade
Chain Reaction (2023) Puzzle
Beer Belly Bill Grillieren Preview (2017) Arcade
FunFair Inc Preview (2023) Strategy
Giana Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview (2017) Platform
Hey Taxi(2023) ?
Retroscape 64 Preview (2023) Arcade Match
Treason Preview (2023) Arcade Adventure


Até a próxima Compilação, Divirta-se

conteúdo oculto



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