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Mine Command (MSX)


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A new Action MSX game by Fred Rique in which the website says is not only a nod to classic games such as Missile Command and Space Invaders, but you must use mines to stop the incoming missiles from killing your citizens that are trying to escape to the bunkers.


In times of troubles, when under attack and being harmed, it is either fight or flight – survival mode on. Or, as The Clash said: “should I stay, or should I go”. When cities are in danger by incoming missiles, dropping down at high speed, evacuation is at hand. Women and children first, ofcourse. All while protected by a group of brave soldiers engaging in battle to buy some extra time for the city’s population to head south to the underground bunkers. Handed with the honorable task of preventing missile impact, by means of deploying flying mines to block their path, you save the city and head to the next. Your help is needed, desperately.

The MSX1 standard machine supported game Mine Command delivers fast paced action, as to be expected from a classic arcade. for. Insert coin and start protecting the cities by placing mines using cursor or joystick. Press “Q” to end your adventure, and return to the start screen. The attached game manual will help you get started to a journey unknown, and full of danger. Be brave!


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