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Zombi Mall (ZX Spectrum)


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No one knows how it all started, just that you are one of the few living people that inhabit the city.

Taking shelter in a shopping mall was a good idea because of the food and the resources available, but when the power outage hit, everything changed.

The doors gave in to the horde and the undead began to enter the building. Leaving the place is not an option, because the horde is everywhere. Desperate on the roof, it's the only safe place (for now), the days go by and there's no hope. One morning you spot what seems to be a chopper in the distance. If it is, it's evacuating survivors on the top of another distant rooftop. You scream, but they're too far away, and you alerted the zombies that are already getting into the building. You must think of another way to get their attention, a different way to be rescued.

The Game

The goal is to escape alive from the mall where you have taken shelter from the horde of the undead. You will have to use ingenuity to achieve it. You'll be able to interact with almost the entire game scene, although not everything will be useful to you.

Collect items, combine them and use them to solve the puzzles. Avoid zombie attacks as they can sometimes cause serious injuries that you will need to heal and clean up. Stay away from them, luckily their field of vision is limited.

Dispel them by passing through one of them without making sudden movements rubbing against the corpses, but be careful not to spend a lot of time with the putrid fluids on top of you as you, just some fluid on a scratch could get you infected and become one of them!

And above all, avoid leaving the mall, the horde will be waiting anxiously to savour you. Will you be able to escape?



You can use the joystick or keyboard. 

  • P (joystick right): move to right
  • O (joystick left): move to left
  • Q (joystick up): move to up
  • A (joystick down): move to down
  • Space (joystick fire): to look for, to see, to catch objects, to use objects





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