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Dr. Maria (C64) [Dr. Mario clone]


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Short Futures present a pill flipping puzzling production for the Commodore 64.

Experimental viruses have mutated and are trying to escape from the research lab. Help Doctor Maria use her pills to destroy all the viruses before they spread.

Playing the game

Dr. Maria destroys viruses by throwing colored pills into the bottle. As the pill drops you can rotate them. Match four of the same color vertically or horizontally to clear them. When all of the viruses in a bottle are cleared, you progress to the next level.

If the bottle gets filled all the way to the top, the game is over. Viruses can be Blue, Yellow or Red. Due to production issues at the Lab, pills are allocated randomly to Dr Maria. There are six types of pills each consisting of two colors:

  • Blue - Blue
  • Red - Red
  • Yellow - Yellow
  • Blue - Yellow
  • Red - Blue
  • Yellow - Red




Use Joystick in Port #2

* Fire: Rotates pill to the right (clockwise).

* Up: Rotates pill to the left (counter clockwise).

* Left: Moves pill left.

* Right: Moves pill right.

* Down: Speed up pill descent.


* 'P': Pause the Game

* 'Q': Quit to main menu





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