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Tip For Rebuilding Large Databases [64gb]


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I have a Ps TV, a vita slim and 1 64gb memory card. Rebuilding the database everytime just to plug your memory card into another device is way too much. ESPECIALLY with a 64gb because you often have to restart the system 2 to 3 times just for all of your apps to pop up. found a cool *must have* glitch that will save you the restarts and the searching

Basically, the vita saves 2 pages with the default apps in them.

All you have to do (before you take your memory card out) is put 1 default app in the bubble with your other apps

Try your best to get them all to fit on only the 1st 2 pages because that's all that is going to save

*Tip - I put my default apps in the bottom right corner of every bubble so that i can still easily identify them

#When you take your memory card out and start the vita your apps will still be there but when you open the bubble its in only the default app will remain

Here is an example (*Even if your apps don't show they will still load up into the bubbles if you don't touch them)


When you open the bubble the apps will disappear loL


This what your apps should look like every time before you take your memory card out


When you put your memory card back in it will load faster and restore your apps BUT, they won't be the way you left them lol.. WE CAN FIX THIS THO! with some trial and error

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