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Vita Moonlight Alpha #6


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. This release fixes bugs that surfaced from the last alpha (primarily buttons not working), and now also lets you reconnect to your last PC (previously, in my experience, you would have to type out your PC's IP address every time, and selecting the "connect to 192.168.X.X" option only works if you just disconnected from said PC. Now selecting that option actually lets you connect directly). This release is also now compatible with GeForce Experience 3.

Here's the full change log:

  • Reimplement input & config process for the improve stability
    Fix little memory leaks
    Fix crash if have too many moonlight supporting games
    Fix crash at press circle button on the connect menu
    Fix bug about not detect device model
    Fix cannot use analog sticks on the VITA 2000
    Change priority of input thread for the high bitrate connection
    Update mapping values & add new mapping file for the PSTV

For the direct download, go

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[glow=red]As always, you will need a compatible Nvidia GTX GPU for this.[/glow]

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