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SKBN is a sokoban clone called SKBN for the Sega Master System. Now at version 2!

  • A total of 1736 built-in puzzles of all difficulty levels.
  • 4 themes to choose from (V2, V1, Mac and KSoko)
  • Optional point mode (Simply point where to go using the controller and the game finds the shortest path)
  • Supports SMS Control pads, the Sports Pad, Megadrive controllers and the Mega Mouse.

Besides the extra levels (raphnet 100 beginer levels and previously unpublished Sokogen levels by Jacques Duthen), version 2 introduces point mode. Today, many online or mobile implementations of this game use a pointing device to control the player, which means that instead of walking to a destination step by step, you just say "go there" and it happens, provided that a path exists.

The engine of this game was designed to make sure that all levels in the included sets would be playable, even large ones. To achieve this, the engine supports different tile sizes: 24x24, 16x16, 12x12, 8x8 and 4x4.

The in-game menu has options to undo a move or the last push. The history can hold 1000 moves.

Creator's website:


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