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Sorcery Island (ZX Spectrum)


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The wicked and ambitious witch ozzy has stolen the magic objects of the world's best wizards, thanks to those possessions, you will become the most powerful man on earth.

You are ronnie, mapuche wizard, and you have just arrived on the island of stones reds, looking for your spellbook that ozzy has stolen from you.

Many witches tried to recover their stolen belongings and never returned. The island is protected by terrible beings summoned by ozzy and it is rumored that some of those creatures come from other dimensions and even from planets distant.

The game consists of two parts divided into two independent loads:

In the first part you will have to find the key that opens the door of the castle and get into it. In the second part you must look for the wizard ozzy and fight against him.   



O = Left

P = Right

Q = Levitate

SPACE = Shoot

Also works with Kempston Joystick


Creator's website:


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