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Akane (ZX Spectrum)


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Seven days have passed since Ony Anthrax contaminated Sindara's kingdom with its deadly poison.

Akane, the last representative of the Haoken clan and Riuken's fiancée, arrives at the laboratory where Riuken was last seen alive.

You will have to use your ninja skills such as the power of the Dash to reach places inaccessible otherwise and the launch of shurikens to make your way through the enemies you will find, but be careful, Akane like the rest of the inhabitants of Sindara is poisoned, use the antidotes that you will find by her way to recover temporarily.



The game is available in two different control configurations, to use one or the other we must load the corresponding file

1. Q: Up   A: Down   O: Left   P: Right   M: Shuriken   Space: Dash

Sinclair + Space (dash)   //   Kempston + Space (dash)

2. W: Up  A: Down   S: Left   D: Right   I: Shuriken  O: Dash

Sinclair + O (dash)   //   Kempston + O (dash)


Creator's website:


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