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The Hoarder (ZX Spectrum)


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This is a mod of "Rade Blunner: Episode 1"


You are a hoarder, one of those obscure individuals that decided to stockpile every single toilet paper roll available in your local supermarket. Nothing more to say. You run to your local Super Market shop and hoard all the toilet paper. Be careful wit other hoarders, and the crazy carts that will try to stop your hoarding. Do not touch infected places, and use well your masks.

The Game

Get rid of the 80 hoarders and carts along the supermarket by jumping over them, while you try to hoard your precious 17 rolls of toilet paper. Sometimes you will find VIP doors that require an access card. Fortunately they have been left here and there for you to take.

Be careful getting too close to the virus infected places, or you will lose your health. If you find some masks take them asap!

When you get rid of all the hoarders and carts, go back with your precious toilet paper rolls to the room where you started your quest. The doors of the supermarket will open. You will be able to go home and enjoy the whole time staring at your toilet paper.



O / joystick left: run left.

P / joystick right: run right.

Q, SPACE / joystick fire (Red or Green button): jump.


Creator's website:


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(English and Spanish versions)

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