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Best of the Best Gameboy Set (95+ Games incl. Homebrew, Patched ROMs, Hacks)


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Hey y'all I have updated the main post with a new download link. This new download link contains no new games but does come with a new manual included. Fighting Simulator 2-in-1 necessitates reading it's manual before playing it (it's like 7 pages long of a GB manual, don't groan). I really don't want people deleting this rom because they "don't get it" so I have decided to include it in the rompack. There is only one other source on the internet with this manual so if anyone wants to upload it to archive.org feel free.


Have fun y'all! Enjoy!

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20 hours ago, Meopl said:

The files in the zip are corrupt. Can anyone re-upload the pack?

I updated the download link with a new one but please make sure you are using Firefox +  the extension Ublock Origin when visiting the site.

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On 8/18/2023 at 5:53 PM, Jamster said:

Thank you so much. I'm loving these Best of the Best collections. The link for this one seems to be broken for me though. Any chance for a reupload or a mirror? Thanks.

Hello my friend I will work on this soon, been enjoying my summer with my son sorry for the hold up!

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On 5/15/2023 at 10:15 PM, JAMR said:

This is a collection of the best of the best Gameboy games!

It's a total of 99 games curated with official releases, patched fixes, impressive hacks, and homebrews. I use Gameboy loosely here as all of the titles here were originally released on the Gameboy but I have updated some of them with GBC conversion patches. I tried to get as clean of a library scrape as I could for the Daijisho frontend!

Game list (click heart to reveal):

Hidden Content



    • Adventures of Star Saver, The
    • Another Bible
    • Avenging Spirit
    • Balloon Kid
    • Batman - The Video Game
    • Battle Arena Toshinden
    • Battle Unit Zeoth
    • Bionic Commando [SRAM]
    • Black Castle GB
    • Blaster Master Boy
    • Booby Boys [T-En by HTI]
    • Bouncing Ball, The
    • Bubble Ghost
    • Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 1 & 2
    • Castlevania, The Adventure [DX 1.0]
    • Castlevania 2 - Belmont's Revenge [Updated Controls + Speed + Subweapons Hack]
    • Castlevania Legends [Speed Hack]
    • Catrap
    • Cave Noire [T-En by Aeon Genesis 1.00]
    • Chalvo 55 [T-En by Lame Boy]
    • Dangan
    • Darkwing Duck
    • Deadeus
    • DMG Deals Damage
    • Donkey Kong
    • Donkey Kong Land [New Colors Mode]
    • Donkey Kong Land 2 [GBC Edition 1.2]
    • Dragonborne (thanks Frankie!!!!!)
    • DragonHeart
    • Dropzone
    • DuckTales 2 [Extended]
    • F-1 Race
    • Faceball 2000 [DX (GDMA)]
    • Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 [Flying Dragon Gaiden] + Manual PDF! Make sure to read!
    • Final Fantasy Legend [Retranslation + SaGa title]
    • Final Fantasy Legend 2 & 3 [TextUpdate]
    • For The Frog The Bell Tolls [T-En by Ryanbstl 1.0]
    • Gargoyle's Quest [Text Restoration]
    • Gargoyle's Quest 2 [T-En by Bailli 1.0]
    • Great Greed
    • Hammerin' Harry
    • IndestructoTank!
    • James Bond 007
    • Kid Dracula [Restoration]
    • Kid Icarus
    • Kingdom Crusade
    • Kirby's Block Ball
    • Kirby's Dream Land [DX Revised 1.0]
    • Kirby's Dream Land 2 [DX 1.0b]
    • Kirby's Pinball Land [DX 1.1]
    • Kirby's Star Stacker
    • Kwirk
    • Lock n Chase
    • Magic Knight Rayearth [T-En by LIPEMCO! 1.0]
    • Mega Man [World 1 GBC + RefillWeaponAfterDeath]
    • Mega Man 2 [Plus + Music Improvement v2]
    • Mega Man 3 [RefillWeaponAfterDeath]
    • Mega Man 4 [RefillWeaponAfterDeath]
    • Mega Man V [DX 1.5.1 + RefillWeaponAfterDeath]
    • Mercenary Force
    • Metroid 2 [ESJR Colorization 1.3 - Canon Samus]
    • Mickey's Dangerous Chase
    • Mole Mania
    • Monster Max
    • Montezuma's Return!
    • Nemesis 2
    • Ninja Boy 2
    • Ninja Gaiden Shadow
    • Operation C
    • Penguin Wars
    • Pineapple Kid
    • Pocket Bomberman
    • Pokemon Red [PureRed 2.4.3]
    • PolkaSheep
    • Pop'n TwinBee
    • Rolan's Curse
    • Rolan's Curse 2
    • The Shapeshifter 1 & 2 (included code wheels in zip)
    • SolarStriker
    • Solomon's Club
    • Super Mario Land [DX 2.0] & 2 [DX 1.8.1 + Sound Improvement]
    • Sword of Hope 1 & 2
    • TMNT 1 [Krang Antenna Fix]
    • TMNT 3
    • Tennis
    • Tetris [Rosy Retrospective + Cleaner Graphics]
    • Tiny Toon Adventures 1 & 2
    • Trax [Left Turret Select]
    • Trip World
    • Wario Blast
    • Wario Land [DX 1.11]
    • World Heroes 2 Jet
    • X [T-En by Anthropogon 0.9 + Restored Sounds]


Download link (please use Firefox + ublock Origin extension):

Hidden Content


This is the hidden content, please



I hope y'all enjoy this pack as much as I enjoyed playing the games in them!!!


All your anonfiles link has been deleted , the site is closed :/


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