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Ooze: The Escape (C64 Preview)


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Help Ooze navigate through various corridors and laboratories, using its gravity-reversing powers to overcome obstacles and avoid the robotic guards in an attempt to escape from this dangerous subterranean complex.

Collect keys and insert them in the computer terminal to disable the force-field and gain access to further areas.

Can you escape?

This is a port of the Spectrum version to Commodore 64. It features many improvements such as:

  • Vastly improved graphics, sprites and sprite overlays
  • Tons of new animations
  • Improved screens and game-play
  • A minimap

This preview version is work in progress and has the following restrictions:

  • Only the red key and a limited areas are accessible. There is nothing more to do after inserting the red key in the computer terminal.
  • No sound effects
  • Collision detection might feel inaccurate in some places
  • Possibility of bugs

What is still left to do for the full version:

  • Finishing touches on the screens
  • Game-play tweaks and collision-detection adjustments
  • Sound effects
  • More animations


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