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Danterrifik IV A New Beginning


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Bienvenidos al fantastico mundo del Circo L´Enfant Terrible. El dia de hoy os sorprenderemos con unos grandes actos de valor, coordinacion, equilibrio, magia y muchas cosas mas ...

Antes de que empiece la funcion conozcan al artista que nos acompaña la noche de hoy Dan Terkai. Esta noche nos viene a demostrar cuanta carne y sangre va a poder soportar para su plena regeneracion. Un aplauso a este gran artista que el dia de hoy nos mostrara todo su talento sin llegar a una humillacion total.


Welcome to the fantastic world of L'Enfant Terrible Circus. Today we will surprise you with some great acts of courage, coordination, balance, magic and much more ...

Before the show starts, please meet Dan Terkai, the artist who will be with us tonight. Tonight he comes to show us how much flesh and blood he will be able to endure for his full regeneration. A round of applause to this great artist who will show us all his talent without total humiliation.

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***** best game *****

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