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Digimon Cyber Sleuth RinCheat HELP PLEASE



hey guys , i'm new to cheats , i don't understand how editing saves on pc works , i spend a whole day trying to understand it and it was so complicated for me , i'm playing Digimon cyber sleuth and i'm stuck in GREAT CHALLENGE 5 mission , my digimons are way too weak , and i wanted to use rincheat to get stronger digivolutions , so please can someone help me and show me exactly how to edit a save , or can just upload my save for someone to edit it for me , please i really need your help , there is no well explained tuto about how to do it on internet

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This guy is literally in every Vita forum posting the same topic over and over again begging for a complete save file. Some of his posts he will say his save got corrupted and needs a save with cheats ect ect

Cheat engine isn't even that difficult to use. load up your save bin file and change the value of the cheat example Money cheat...the Value is how much you much you want to have type in 999999

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