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Earthbound - Perfect

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0B8FF132.1.png.555750fe2a29ba104219c138fa614869.png  0B8FF132.3.png.eaa7cade18ad3956d26e7e0db5b94aa6.png  0B8FF132.4.png.31de07e8f172181b7768060601ffe94f.png



  • PVR Included (It's SNES boxart)
  • MR Included
  • Titled IP Included
  • Autoboot
  • Rom Hack
  • Tested


Screenshots are from the Dreamcast version.


From the hacker:

MOTHER 2: Perfect Edition borrows a handful of stuff from ShadowOne333’s very popular MaternalBound hack, but with great help from Tomato’s Legend of Localization website, this uncensored re-localization brings to you a more smoothed out and refined script than the MaternalBound one, and gets as close as possible to the original Japanese script without sacrificing flow or alienating American players by keeping in references that don’t make sense outside of Japan, as well as many graphical changes to make the game even more in line with its Japanese original.

Leaving personal taste out of the equation, this hack was created with the mindset of a professional editor, and with the hope that anyone, whether you’ve never played before or you’ve played dozens of times, can patch their ROM and feel comfortable knowing that they’re getting a definitive MOTHER 2 experience, just in English.


This is the hidden content, please



This is the hidden content, please

Super Nintendo:

This is the hidden content, please


Earthbound Manual:

This is the hidden content, please

Mother 2 Manual:

This is the hidden content, please

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