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Game Gear Hack Collection (Updated 02 - Nov 2023)


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Game Gear Hack Collection (Update 01 - Feb 2023)
Tails Adventures GG LX Mod (v1.0 dtd 10 Oct 2016)
Tails Adventures - Tails Kick Ass Mod (
v1.0 dtd 27 Mar 2016)
Tails Adventures - Uber Players Mod (WIP)(
v0.2 dtd 11 Oct 2016)


Hack Details


Tails Adventures GG LX Mod
Welcome to my hack of Sonic spin-off game Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear.
-  Edited level layouts.
-  Edited palettes.
-  Edited cutscenes.
-  Music swap.
-  Edited SEGA logo.
-  Other changes.
Special Thanks goes to Supper for making Tails Adventure editor "Tales" - without that program, this hack won't exist.
Note: Only Polly Mt. 2 has the same level layout, but I putted items near warp areas to make gameplay easier and less boring by exploring the same Polly Mt. 2. The rest is completely custom.

Tails Adventures - Tails Kick Ass Mod
This is a "remix" of Tails Adventures that turns the original game into something more challenging but not radically different. It doesn't overhaul the gameplay significantly or alter the graphics, sound, etc., much (the few changes are generally quite apparent), but it features a relatively large set of custom-made levels along with a few additions to make the game more enjoyable. It's mostly designed as a challenge for people who played the original game; if you're not familiar with it, you might find this a bit frustrating.
-  25 or so new levels made from the game's existing assets.
-  Difficulty generally increased. Tails gets less HP, and flight time is short (and can't be "chained" indefinitely like in the original).
-  Because of increased difficulty, No game over for dying and instead restart the current area.
-  Password system replaced with save RAM
-  New inventory system -  You now carry all your items and switch between them makes gameplay smoother.
-  Fixes to various minor bugs, typos, etc.
-  A pathetic excuse for a plot

The backgrounds are plain compared to the original game, and the palettes are nearly untouched.
It's not a flashy set-the-world-on-fire kind of hack,

Tails Adventures - Uber Players Mod
"Hey kids!! Bakayote heres a super difficult and insanely challenging version of Tails Adventures that's so impossible that it will make you want to throw your Sega Game Gear into an open volcano? No? Well of course not, but that's what you're getting anyway. Have fun with with this abomination... or don't... It really doesn't matter!!"

This hack contains full layout changes, minor art edits, new palettes, and a higher chance of seeing the game over screen! It's highly recomended that you use save states during your playthrough of this game.

The version submitted is a WIP version (0.2), currently up to the end of "Volcanic Tunnel" is done.

If you want something highly extensive I fully recommend LordXernom's hack of the same game titled "Tails Adventures LX".

The Download Links are updated at the above Main Post



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Sega GameGear Update 02
Sonic 2 - S1GG Sonic (v1.0 dtd 15 Nov 2023)
Canon colors for Dragon's Trap (v1.0 dtd 28 May 2023)
The Chessmaster GG takeback anti-freeze (v0.1 dtd 09 Sep 2023)


Hack Information


Sonic 2 - S1GG Sonic
Sonic 2 - S1GG Sonic is a ROM Hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for the Game Gear that replaces all of Sonic’s in-game sprites with the ones seen in the Game Gear port of Sonic The Hedgehog 1. It even includes custom sprites not seen in the original game.

Canon colors for Dragon's Trap
Simple patch to make Boke blond, like in the previous game and in Monster Lair, or even the PC Engine version. His hair lacks volume/detail because the palette itself wasn’t changed, but the sprites themselves, which imposed some limitations. Other minor adjustments were made to his sprite. Hope you enjoy!

The Chessmaster GG takeback anti-freeze
This patch prevents the game AI from freezing, which happens very often if the (permanently available) takeback function is used late enough in the game of chess. The hang may happen more often on certain difficulty levels, such as level 1 60_5.

3 new GameGear hacks for you

As Always

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  • pspjoe changed the title to Game Gear Hack Collection (Updated 02 - Nov 2023)
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