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Community Update - 26/01/2023


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I feel like I should start making these posts more often... once a month?
Anyways happy new year (kinda) and welcome new users.. wow that's a lot of people.
I wanna preface this post by saying I don't really like discussing back end stuff with the public. You don't really wanna know how the sausage is made. Trust me. But some info from time to time is important.

As you can see by this handy graph, we have had a pretty decent increase of daily user registrations and its only going up. Plus on top of that the other email notifications that are sent out daily, our email server is currently a little taxed right now. Some users get through, but as soon as it hits its limit, y'all have to just wait till tomorrow for it to refresh.
This obviously isn't ideal, and we are looking at trying to upgrade a few things but stuff takes time and staff in the back end need to be ready for it. This is a part time hobby for fun project, and we all live in different time zones. So coordinating stuff is kinda tough some times. And not all staff have access to everything for security reasons. Like even if I'm an admin, I can't edit some things you think I should be able to.
Still not 100% sure where y'all are coming from or what's happening out there, think google is just pushing us more, but why.
Anyways we are happy to see new users and welcome all of you. And if you need any help just reach out. But yeah there is going to be a little adjustment phase while we get ready to handle more numbers.

But yeah, welcome all new users that get in \^__^/
If you didn't get in, that's ok, please use the support channel on our

This is the hidden content, please
, or DM me on Discord and I can do it manually.
Just remember the time zone thing, we can only help you while we are awake lol..


Next up, the ps4.cloud issue.
So for ages now we have hosted our own link shortening service, This was tacked onto an already existing ps4 exploit server we where running as well.
This thing has been kinda a pain point for a while, It has needed updating for ages. Well recently ish the shortening service decided to nope out. The ps4 parts are still up but the link shortner only gives an HTTP ERROR 500. So the data is still there, I don't think we lost any data, It's just checked out for some reason. So hopefully we can get that fixed soon, but the admin that handles it is currently sick and has some IRL things going on so IDK when it will be fixed sorry :(. Hopefully soon, and I'll keep you guys posted with any info as soon as I get it.


Last "fun" thing.
The dumpster fire that is twitter right now. How does this affect us?
If you noticed a few weeks ago all of our normal emojis broke. This is because twitter killed all 3rd party access and APIs to there site. forcing people to use the legit twitter app, forcing them to view there ads.
We where using one of those APIs to "borrow" twitters emojies >__<'.
So I just reverted all the normal emojis back to the forum software defaults. They look kinda wack, but at least they work.
A reminder though that we do have some custom emojis wayyy down the bottom of the list. Those custom ones all still work fine though. And I probs should add a few more but yeah jobs for lator lol..

Anyways as always, if you have any questions or comments about NGR please feel free to reach out.

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