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Arrange the dominoes as they tumble from the sky so that matching digits are adjacent, either horizontally or vertically, to each other. Align the same number of digits as the digit itself to make those dominoes disappear.


Written in 2005 to see if I could get back into writing Z80-assembler Spectrum games (after a lot of hassling by a friend!) this is a novel take on the Tetris theme where, rather than completing lines of block, you have to match digits on dominoes - 2 twos, 3 threes, 4 fours and so on - to make them disappear.

Unlike Stranded, which was written on an actual Spectrum, Dominetris was the first game written on a PC using freeware programs such as Crimson Editor, Pasmo, and Spin before finally being tested on my original 48K Spectrum (from 1983) and a recently purchased grey +2 machine.

Originally intended for the Cronosoft "Cassette 50" charity compilation it never had a loading screen, in order to pack as many games as possible on the tape. However an accomplished loading-screen
artist, de Vandemar Croup, produced a loading screen for it, and it is that screen which is now included with the game.







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