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Rainbow Islands Color Dance

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  image.png.1cdf4cd534c2ebd0558dac1178512a32.png  1CE7AFB0.2.png.7c69b5c6188c6f30f47606dd1416d474.png  1CE7AFB0.3.png.bebdbd40b18a3735eb7cb91204dd72ca.png


  • Titled IP
  • MR Inserted
  • PVR Included
  • Auto Boot
  • Rom Hack
  • Newest SMSPlus by Ian Michael


Ian has produced a version of SMSPlusDC that allows autoboot and menu systems. Hold either trigger and press start for save/load state, reset, rapid fire, screen adjustments, filters, sram, and some other stuff I've forgotten.


You may or may not be able to tell but the first screen shot has no bilinear flickering while the other two do. It is noticeable while playing.


Thanks to @pspjoe for the rom.


For a full description of the rom hacks included go to the Master System thread at the bottom of this one.



This is the hidden content, please


Master System:


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