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Flash Gordon - Captured by Shark Men

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056A9460.3.png.ff2443db71a3d46186e481104820c983.png  056A9460.2.png.bcab152881b80b37f9915b5913f7525e.png  056A9460.4.png.d73b917a62393da8c382db464da7499a.png


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The third thrilling chapter of Flash Gordon Space Soldier. See those divers in the second screenshot? Yeah, those are the terrifying shark men. :lol: Peek my dude's fish tank props. That's quality son. Also, check out that classic hero-n-girl pose the leads have going on in the first :lol: kitsch? I think kitsch applies here. Kitsch, camp, or cliche, either way it's surely classic.



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