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Prince of Persia (Atari 8-Bit XL)


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Prince of Persia (Atari 8-Bit XL)


Wondering why this CLASSIC is not mention here in NGRoms. Long and Overdue but this is definitely the BEST 8-bit remakes or port of Prince of Persia for the Atari. The graphics and code are based on the BBC and Apple II. The loading screen was so beautiful it certainly trigger me into installing the Altirra emulator and give it a go. True enough the graphics and the sound is fantastic,even it has a similar C64 hacker style intro-demo and look at the dancing princess busy icon during loading.(Wow what can I say)

I strongly believe with good programming, this clearly proves a point, Atari 8 bit can easily match the C64 for gaming.
I have included cartridge and disk versions. Do visit their website for more details on its development.

Have Fun.


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I didn't even know Atari made 8bits. I'll have to do a deep dive on Atari. Never actually looked into them and only found out about the ST line a few years ago. Most of my life Atari was 2600, 52, and 78. Oh and of course Lynx and Jaguar.


This XEGS that pops up soon as you search Atari 8bit looks pretty damn good for the era. I wonder why they ran with the 7800...that's crazy. 


Then again they made the Jaggie and never made a single game that actually pushed it. People don't know how good that console was because the games on it don't take advantage of the hardware. Similar to Amiga CD, heck a lot of old systems never got a game that took advantage of the hardware they were on actually.


Thanks for giving me a whole new world of stuff to be interested in pspjoe. 

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Yes Gator, Looking at the Lynx, the Jaguars, Atari hardware specs were good in their days . They lack the marketing skills. I am no Atari fanboy. For 8 bit, I ditch the Atari for the C64. But when it comes to 16bit, I went for the ST instead of the Amiga. Sadly for them, Amiga won the 16 bit market with their new machines.

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