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The Incredible Shrinking Professor


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Bio-Chem Research isn't all fun...

At Revanox Bio-Chem Research (the pharmaceutical and beauty division) the day started like any other for Professor Peter Poldark. The test rabbits where given facials and some great lipstick to wear, but before long all that fun was about to come to a crashing halt. Sirens blare and from the adjacent Military division explodes a swarm of micro-bot Wasps, Lipstick missiles and genetically modified spider/ants! not to mention the intelligent putty (charmingly called Nigel) and the mini-nanite clouds and they invade your lab!! Surrounded by these pests you grab at anything to stop yourself falling over... unfortunately you grab a tray of experimental chemicals which drench you in a myriad of untested quantities. You lose consciousness. 
When you wake you find yourself lying on the desktop and to your horror you are only an inch high!!! Your only hope is your experimental Embiggan Totalis Elixir compound. You left a sample on the top shelf! Its only a catalyst though, you need some ingredients to complete the potion! 

Hurry though, you don't feel well and you occasionally change your appearance!! This might be permanent if you're left in flux too long!!

Find those ingredients and the elixir, Professor! The lab needs you!




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