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Flash Gordon - The Planet of Peril

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44274AFC.4.png.53348c3c4c39596925027fbd3c08c3ee.png  44274AFC.2.png.e50393effe8b9df76e4701475f547fac.png  44274AFC.1.png.241d0d8cecfd6b9d229193f0e1664fcb.png


  • Autoboot SFD
  • Astonishing Effects
  • Jaw Dropping Action
  • Brilliant Acting
  • Thrilling Story


If you've never seen it, everything under the Autoboot point is a bit of a joke. 30's Flash is great in that so bad it's good sort of way. The acting is bad, the effects are bad, the action is bad, it's all bad. Even in 36, this was a low budget serial made for children similar to a Power Rangers or some such. 


"In all the excitement I forgot to turn on the oxygen"

"Your eyes, your skin, your hair, I've never seen one as beautiful as you my dear."


:lol: and such


That said, this rip is pretty good quality.


I never did quite understand how DC-Swat's bins work. There is no IP.BIN to title. No PVR as when I add them the CDI fails. But like all my past vids it does work.


This is the hidden content, please


Of course I will produce the full serial as CDI's but finding decent quality versions is a bit of a search. Most of what I see has sync issues. I may have to rip from my own DVDs.


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