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Raid Over Moscow (Remake) (Amiga)


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The Amiga version of the Raid Over Moscow game is a Commodore 64 classic port that is now out by Pixelglass. They have brought this exciting thriller game back to life on the classic Amiga platform! It is a totally new action game with many interesting elements added to the gameplay. So be gentle to your Joystick when playing it. It is a hard but very rewarding exciting game for all Amiga users.

The plot in this game is dated since it comes from the cold war era when Commodore 64 ruled the computer market. In the new Raid Over Moscow game for Amiga, it is also set to the cold war times. This game is an interesting thriller game where a team of space-based commandos must save the U.S. from a Soviet nuclear strike! A totally new game made for Amiga to enjoy and it doesn’t require much either to play.

Available for all Amigas
68000 and up
1MB of RAM
Floppy disk drive, OR
1MB of Hard Drive Space

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