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Ultimate Superman (Hack)

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Ultimate Superman (v2.0 dtd 9 Jan 2023)

Superman is an action platformer based on the popular action hero comics. Its also one of the toughest game on the planet. But this hack will change this.


Hack Information
Ultimate Superman is a balance patch designed for the 1992 Superman game by Sunsoft.
The primary goal of this patch is to bring down the game’s frustrating difficulty in various ways.
From lowering amount of damage taking from enemies, giving Superman more control over his powers and adding more health powerups throughout the game’s five stages, Ultimate Superman aims to truly make you feel as if you are The Man of Steel!
The hack features -
- Tweaked the amount of damage Superman takes when in contact with enemies, projectiles and hazards
- Superman’s punch recharges much faster
- Superman’s heat vision is always fully charged
- Start with 5 continues
- Superman jumps higher when pressing Up+Jump
- Silver S logos now operate as health pickups
Two new difficulty options!
At the title screen, Hold B or C and press start respectively.
- Holding B Activates Hard Mode where damage Superman recieves is doubled.
- Holding C Activates Extreme Mode where damage Superman recieves is tripled!
- Pressing start will default to normal difficulty featured in Ultimate Superman v1.
SRAM Function How It Works -
Saving: Game saves after every level.
Loading: At the title screen, Hold A and press start.
Game Saves: Current Level Current Difficulty

As Always Have Fun

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6 hours ago, ZxRO said:

@pspjoe I agree this game is super hard, it took me awhile to beat it, but it was worth it! This hack will definitely help beginners or casuals enjoy the best retro SUPERMAN game.

You are able to beat the game. You are better than the Ultimate Superman. I am impressed.

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@obthree I know exactly what you mean. Its also a really hard game because of the length of the stages, and Mad Hatter boss fight is cool but a real challenge. My best playthrough of the game is a one death run thanks to the Mad Hatter boss fight 🙁

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