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The Odyssey

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image.png.e5a6bcc88b6d1fe970bf711519e6fd01.png  image.png.c461e0643f73c516e61fd9824af4f107.png  image.png.a4950341badaf4a84c0ae3829ba60db6.png


  • PVR Included
  • MR Included
  • Titled IP.BIN
  • Rom Hack
  • Autoboot
  • Tested


I found a Super Mario Bros. hack called "The Odissey" so I hacked the title screen to spell it properly. This is a pretty short game but I quite liked it. You can probably beat it in 5-20 mins depending on your skill level. The physics are changed a bit, the powerups are changed a bit, and the graphics got a total overhaul to look like Homer's classic.

If I find another like this I'm probably going to make a small compilation of them. If you're not aware a while back I uploaded a game called "Hellwalker" which is a Legend of Zelda hack based on Dante's Divine Comedy, specifically Inferno.

Just let me get a Don Quixote or some such :lol: I am a sucker for that old epic nonsense. If you know of more I would appreciate being told.


Dreamcast CDI:

This is the hidden content, please

NES Patched ROM:

This is the hidden content, please




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