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WonderBoy Arcade (Hack)


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WonderBoy Hack Collection Update 01
Wonder Boy - DeathCounter     
(v1.0 dtd 09 Feb 2023)


Hack Information


This hack repurposes the life counter in Wonder Boy into a death counter. You begin the game with zero deaths, and each time you die the counter increases by 1 (up to 99). This effectively gives you infinite lives but more than just a simple cheat code, it also modifies the in-game UI to help players keep track of deaths and encourage trying to have as few deaths as possible.
    Repurposes the lives counter as a death counter.
    Death counter starts at 0.
    Dying increases the counter.
    Getting extra lives (either from points or the hidden 1up) has no effect.
    At 256 deaths the counter loops back to 99 to prevent a Game Over caused by an overflow.

I have also combined this with the Arcade Hacks.

As Always

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