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PUSSYCAT Scene Releases


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So... I've spent last hour or so attempting to locate the following scene releases from PUSSYCAT:

  • WRC_3_FIA_World_Rally_Championship_EUR_MULTi5_PSV-PUSSYCAT

This turned out to be near-impossible, they're no-where to be found... :snooty:

As I don't recognise the release group I decided to grab their release of Dragons Crown from a.b.sony.psp:

  • Dragons_Crown_EUR_PSV-PUSSYCAT

This is the hidden content, please

Here's whats I found interesting about the release.... :ugeek:

Upon extracting the 23x50mb scene-criteria RAR's your provided with cat-0408.VPK...

When converting it to *.ZIP and extracting it you can see as per their NFO that it has been dumped with MAI, however, what I fail to understand is why they have re-wrapped it... :naughty:

I don't get it, this is just asking for errors... You shouldn't be re-packing the Mai dump format unless you can absolutely help it.... n.b FrankenDUMP etc. :doh:

This is not what you would expect from a serious release group....

Also, taking this particular game as a reference, I/we have a current Vitamin 2.0 dump /w a working v1.06 update and DLC. This NFO gives no other information past the tool used, V233.2z10.. :shifty:

Essentially, take these PSV 'scene' releases with a piece of salt.. Unless proven otherwise, they're using the same tools we are... Judging by this release they're hardly on top of their knowledge... :obscene-birdiedoublered:

I'd like to think we'll keep you all much more up-to-date and informed here... :banana-dance:

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Yes, i saw a while back where a known scene group was basically cussing dumpers in one of their nfo's. Saying that the tools haven't been perfected yet and that everyone should wait til there's a perfect way to dump so that the scene can have "proper" releases. On one hand, scene groups can be helpful as they get games leaked before the release date somehow and it is good to have a standard. That being said, with the state of the tools available, they need to realize ppl just want to play the damn games right now and don't really care if the dump is deemed proper. :obscene-birdiedoublered: /rant

EDIT: a quick google search for "pussycat scene release group" turned up DS and 3DS releases by PUSSYCAT.

I had never heard of them before, but apparently they seem legit. Not that their maidump repacked as vpk is legit, orderly or proper like these groups try so hard to be.

Unless they get their own tool that is superior to what we have, their releases will be no better than ours for the forseeable future. And the releases here are just fine for all I care. :bow-yellow: Thanks to all the dumpers and staff we have here. You all make this site wonderful. /ass-kissing rant :laughing-jumpingpurple:

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A little devil's advocate here; the releases are probably guaranteed to run and although I'm not sure when it started, every backup in the scene appears to be a maidump/frankendump at the moment. But it all works. Also, I recall from what the "release standards" require, releases have to be in vpk format anyway whether or not maidump is used. On top of that, the scene discourages DLC and updates in the first place. They do however want to implement "meaningful" updates but haven't done so because they believe it could all be packaged and then all installed from one file/vpk (or something of the sort) which will be a very huge step in the minimalist sense. Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet but they are holding out on hope until the day it does. So, to be fair, PUSSYCAT are holding close to the aforementioned rules.

Well my personal view on this is that the scene isn't justified in making frankendumps just to have a vpk. If a game has updates/dlc that can be dumped and able to work, then the scene backups will be inferior and redundant because of incompatibility. Obviously nobody would prefer update/dlc incompatible backups and in my view the scene loses out on a fundamental point of having a backup in the first place. This really shouldn't be overlooked just because *they* aren't dumping updates/dlc.

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