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GhostBusters Movie Accurate Colors (Hack)


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GhostBusters Movie Accurate Colors + Cheat Restoration (v1.0 dtd 30 April 2022)


Hack Summary
This hack changes the colors of the uniforms of the Ghostbusters from blue to khaki, this will make them look more accurate to their movie counterparts.

It does change the colors of some of the text, some of the enemies, the weapons in the pause menu and Arthur’s attire. But they don’t look messed up, so the changes to them didn’t ruin the game.

This hack also restores the cheat codes from the Japanese version as well.

Japanese Codes (Enter at SEGA Logo)
Region switch                                              A+C+UP+START
Start with $12,321                                       A+C+LEFT+START
Maximum weapons, energy and bombs    Hold B+START at game startup, release at SEGA logo, and
                                                                     then press A+B+RIGHT+START

For your info, I have tried the codes many times but cant get it to work, maybe you have better luck. Anyway, if you get it, let us know. Thanks. This is just only a color hack. "Colours are subjective". Other than that, this is a fun game. I also have included a Walkthrough guide.


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