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Astro Phobos (ZX Spectrum)


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-There is a two version of the game 128kb version with awesome tunes made by Mmcm and 48kb version with NO music

-Hey ty for playing Astro Phobos If you played my previous Games Dark Transit ,Dark Transit 2 you might be happy to know that in Astra Phobos we still stay in the same universe of Dark Transit actually events in Astro Phobos happens just few "Earth" weeks before the events in Dark Transit this time you will not fight with the UFO -Aliens instead of that  rumors said that Aliens released some kind of horrifying Creatures in this mining Colony and those Creatures attack&killed most of the working Kappas....

-You/AkA-Hal/ just finished your shift in Mines when Major Incident Occured,now is upon you what are you going to do next,Are You going to save the other Kappa's?Or you just thinking about your life and the tresure that you can bring with yourself.. What about Your Friend "Ash"/Kappa 120 A/2 is he OK?Are you going to Save him or you just don't care about him???

-PLS. Read complete/original Prologue Story written by:Marc Slorance








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