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White Jaguar (ZX Spectrum)


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Darkness descended and plunged the valley into night, poisoning every living thing that was sacred to us, the river, the land, the animals. The familiar joyful world was replaced by a terrible nightmare for all living things.

The spirits of the demons of darkness set out on the path of war, and many brothers were lost in the battle, but only a chosen son who shines with inner sunlight, strong in spirit, full of courageous determination and the wisdom of his ancestors can stand against the bloodthirsty evil. That fearless warrior will be you, and before he sets out on his journey, Father Kwahu will say to the wind…

“…Wakhen, the time has come.
You must walk the hard road to your destiny,
find yourself in your greatness and become one of us.
My friend, do not walk behind me – perhaps I will not lead you.
Don’t walk ahead of me-perhaps I won’t follow you.
Walk beside me, and we shall be one…”

As you begin your journey as an inexperienced young man, you will hone your skills, in agility, tomahawk throwing, and improve your physical fitness and endurance. All this you will need to pass the tests, fight the enemies and eventually save the tribe’s world from extinction.


The game supports control of the keyboard and Kempston joystick. The keys are initially set as follows:

Q, A, O, P – jump, crouch, left, right,
SPACE to fire.
A + SPACE to jump.
R + Y to leave the game.

You can redefine the keys before you start the game.

In the game, you can press R + Enter at the same time to turn the music on or off.

Sampled Sound

Starting from version 1.2, the disc version of the game (TRD) features sampled sound, which can be heard when playing on any ZX Spectrum-compatible machines that support General Sound card. The TAP version of the game does not have this feature.

Presence of General Sound is checked at the very beginning of loading when the game loading screen appears. If the General Sound is not present then files for it will not be loaded. It is also possible to override GS support by pressing and holding the ENTER key while loading.


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