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Blocks . Oracle III . OOps . Loopin' . Hungry Snake . InBread (09)


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C64 Compilation (09)

- Blocks (Protovision d64 )
- Oracle III (
Psytronix d64)
- OOps (
- Loopin' (
- Forever Extending Snake (
- InBread (


A game from Protovision, Blocks is a typical puzzle game that plays similarly to Sokoban where the objective is to move and place the free blocks to the designated spots on screen.

Oracle III
Featuring over 128 puzzle levels, the objective in Oracle III is to clear each screen by pushing blocks to match up a minimum of two or more squares. The game has three difficulty settings and an unlockable fourth setting that can be accessed once you have mastered 'hard' mode.

A 32 level arcade puzzle game where you control Quadroid over a maze of platforms collecting 8 gravity pods within a time limit. The nasties on the plaform can be avoided or killed with a detonation device(FIRE Button). The platforms are laid with extra lives, time bonuses (?question marks) which you can collect and also traps and teleporters that will change your path of movement.

A arcade game that plays similarly to "Locomotion". Trollies are stuck in a loop and you need to manually switch crossings to avoid collision. You need to collect a crystal on screen to advance to the next stage.

Forever Extending Hungry Snake
A brand new fast-paced hi score attack game, where you play a forever extending snake that goes around gobbling up tasty fruit to score points. Eat a bomb, to clear the arena and your snake will shred and renew itself. You can stop momentarily by pressing the FIRE button but be very careful not to eat yourself. Avoid touching the walls , the skulls, or eat itself otherwise the game will end.

A arcade game where you are provided with cutters at the top and you need to slice out loaves of bread, cheese, lettuce and other goodies, and make yourself a nice sandwitch at the bottom of the screen. To add to difficulty, the conveyors moves in different speeds and direction and you have the ever present nasties that appear in later stages to foil your goal.

Have Fun

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