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Bart vs the Space Mutants Redux (Hack)


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Bart vs the Space Mutants Redux (v1.3 dtd 21 Dec 2022)

An action platformer game which follows the story that aliens are invading Springfield and taking over the bodies of people. With X-ray glasses, you are the only one that see them. Arm yourself with your spraycan, slingshot and dartgun and stop them.  There are only 5 levels(long) in this game and the goal is to collect a bunch of (silly) items to progress. Like in level 1, you need to destroy purple items, on level 2 you have to collect 24 hats, 32 balloons for level 3, 6 exit signs in level 4 and finally in 16 radioactive rods in the final level. (game guide is included).


Hack Information
Bart Vs The Space Mutants Redux is an overhaul patch for The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants on Sega Genesis
which offers adjustments to gameplay and new features.
- Improved controls! A is now a dedicated run button.
- Six Button controls! Y button is used for spray paint and projectile weaponry.
- Bart can jump slightly higher.
- Bart has longer invincibility time when hit by an enemy.
- Lower amount of objects required to enter boss fights. Averted in Stage 5.
- Checkpoint skip for the lolipop platforms in Stage 2.
- SRAM save function! (Saves at every new life and level)
- To Load Save game - Hold B at Boot up

This game will probably interest Simpsons fans.
Have Fun!

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