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Road Trippin' 2022 - Coast 2 Coast (ZX Spectrum)


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The Story

Fresh from your exotic road trip around the globe this time you fancy something a bit closer to home, on two wheels, to places around the UK coast line which hold so many wonderful summer holiday memories from coast to coast.

Once again on the lookout for seaside souvenirs at each of your destinations. Also once again the local inhabitants and wildlife aren't so happy about you riding your noisy bike around their streets, fun fairs, beaches and on the roofs of their restaurants, pubs, arcades, shops and other businesses. But sometimes going over the top is the only way through.

So whether it's the fun fair at Skegness, the arcades at Blackpool, the harbour at Padstow or the beach at Barmouth you're sure to find one of your favourite British seaside towns on this trip.  

The Game

Always fancied yourself as a bit of an Evel Knievel? Well here's your chance. Collect four souvenirs from each seaside town you visit by leaping over hazards, wildlife and buildings, and reaching the exit arrow. You can crash as many times as you like. You're hard as nails like. But you can't let your fuel run out or it's home time.

You receive a bonus for any few remaining after you leave each town. Your bike moves at two speeds, in low gear or high gear, but it can never stop. In the early towns there are hints in the road for which gear to be in and when to jump at less obvious points in the town.

Try to stay calm. Most roofs can be landed in without so much as a scratch and certain parts of structures, usually white in colour, and flags of nations can be rode through as if they weren't there. Once your fingers figure out how to complete a town you'll never forget it. There are thirty towns in all to visit before returning home in time for supper.

The Controls

S - Slower (Low Gear)

F - Faster (High Gear)

J - Jump

Joystick control also available.



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