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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Improved (Hack)


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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Improvement Mod(v1.0 dtd 13 August 2022)

An action adventure game based on a animated cartoon, focused around three young monsters – Ickis, Oblina and Krumm. All three of the monsters attend Monsters Academy and they have to pass the Monster Midterm Exam.

The game allows you to switch between the three monsters to perform team moves. Each monsters with his special skill, is needed to help you progress like Ickis(red) have good jumping skills, Krumm can teleport his eyes while Oblina can climb on top others to reach heights. Throw rubbish to attack your enemies and Collect ‘Monster Manuals’ which will allow you to perform scares. To complete their exam in this 25 level platform game you have to collect specific items whilst also scaring people as well.


This game obviously needs need information to play I have included a text guide from GameFAQ.
But if you just wants to get into the game.
Here are the Controls:
A           - Scare (Most powerful attack, but you need a Monster manual)
D+ A     - Switch between Monsters
U+ A     - Triple Monster Move (Team Move)
B           - Throw Garbage is your means of attacking
B + U/D - Changing direction of Attack (sometimes need to hit switches)
C           - Jump (Press and hold for higher jump)

Hack features:
The aim of this patch is to make the game less frustrating and much easier to enjoy.
-  Increased Invincibility when hit
-  Monster Manuals upon respawning changed from 5 to 3 to compensate for the invincibility increase

The GameFAQ with pictures and clear explanation is the guide to play this game.

HTML Guide

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