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Bod Squad (c64)


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Bod the Alien's children have been kidnapped and taken to three different time periods on Earth. Egyptian pyramid, medieval castle and Victorian haunted house. Good job Bod is a good friend of Dr. Who. In the TARDIS Bod travels back in time to rescue his kids.

The Bod Squad is a one-player, flick-screen platform game. You control Bod with your joystick and you can jump, squash (duck), swim and sometimes fly. To help Bod on each level there are potions, springs, teleports and hidden platforms. Switches also can be found to make walls disappear.

Trying to stop Bod are many enemies, pressing your fire-button slings Bod-bombs to destroy these. Also scattered around each levels are spikes, heads that spit fire and bear-traps. Touching any of these loses one of only three lives. Another hindrance is the time limit, which can be topped up by finding a potion.

Another oldie but a great under loved little platformer .

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