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Witch n' Wiz Pack


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On 12/13/2022 at 8:28 PM, VectorSona said:


Witch n' Wiz Pack

(NES Puzzle Platformer game)

CDI: made with Theme to match DVD/CD Case

Redream Album cover

Game Manual (PDF file)

DVD/CD Case  / CD print (USA/EU)

Witch n' Wiz Original Soundtrack (MP3 Files)

"Game theme" Emulator menus


Emulator option:

B + R: quick save menu
    - quick state save (clear when exit game)
    - quick state load 

Y + R: VMU state save menu
    - VMU state save 
    - VMU state load

Game Genie codes: None

Cheat menu: START + R

Pack Link:


Hidden Content

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DVD/CD Case / CD print (only):


Hidden Content

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Link (CDI only):


Hidden Content

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Witch n' Wiz

A young boy has been kidnapped by a Dark Sorceress! It's up to his best friend, a young Witch, to rescue him but it won't be easy!

Over 100 levels of brain-melting puzzles stand between the two, and it's up to you solve them all!


This is a world not entirely unlike our own. Families live humble lives, foraging and harvesting the spoils of the land. Children are carefree and curious. It might even be mistaken for a version of our world from a few centuries ago, except for one thing... MAGIC!
Magic was once commonplace, though you would not know it by looking around. Over time, most Magic was lost or forgotten.
There are still hints of this Magical history around the world, but the people of this land avoid those cursed places. Warnings are passed down through generations: that
any interaction with Magic will invite “The Outcasters.”
Little is known of Outcasters. Only that they are a group of people still able to use Magic.

Stories are told of children experimenting with Magic... and vanishing. Never to be seen again.
Our story is one such tale. It begins with two young friends exploring the forest. As children tend to do, they explore farther than they should, eventually coming upon an old cabin...
Inside they find a Magical Artifact, which summons its master: a powerful Outcaster who kidnaps curious little children for use in her own Dark Magic.
The Boy is taken! The Girl spends years training and retracing their steps. After years of study, she is ready to take on this Outcaster and save her friend!


Battery save included 
No passwords required. Witch n' Wiz is built with full battery save support, and has multiple save slots.

Undo your mistakes
Rewind time(moves) so you don't need to restart the entire puzzle when you make a mistake

Evolving gameplay
Designed to introduce a new gameplay twist every 5-10 levels to keep the game feeling fresh start-to-finish.



Created By: Matt Hughson
Music and Sound FX: Tuï
Art:  Alp,  Kenneth Fejer
Additional Art: Haller Zoltán
Box and Manual Art:  Flor (Kori) Arredondo


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