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Galaga 2021 (c64)


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This is one of my all-time favourite games, if ever I've got 5 or 10 minutes spare for a game I will always choose Galaga. So I thought it would be nice to be able to play it on my favourite machine. 

One obstacle of a decent Galaga port is the C64's aspect ratio, with the screen just 200 pixels tall compared to the Arcade's 288. However, the highly-rated NES conversion managed to squeeze it into 224 pixels, so all I needed to do was open up the top and bottom borders for sprites and use 12 or more pixels in each to make up the difference.  

Another big hurdle is the sheer number of sprites. Having looked at the NES version more closely I noticed that the formation doesn't move smoothly like it does in the arcade. So I decided that if enemies were drawn using characters when in formation, and sprites used elsewhere, there would be plenty of sprites available using a slightly modified version of Shallan's multiplexor. I don't think it detracts from the gameplay too much, as the main action is concerned with spawning and diving enemies anyway.

2-Player Mode
As an added bonus you can now play Galaga in two-player co-op mode. Work together to clear the waves while competing for the best score. You have just three lives between you, however the final life can only be lost by the player who has the lowest score at the time.

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