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Kye (c64)


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This is the C64 port of Colin Garbutt's puzzle game from 1992, Kye. You can play the original game via archive.org's emulator here.

The reason I made this port was primarily technical: I wanted to implement a game in 6502 assembly involving hundreds of active objects interacting with each other, and push graphical limits at the same time by augmenting hi-res graphics with a dynamic sprite overlay. Kye was the perfect candidate for this experiment, since it saved me the trouble of having to come up with my own design, and it's a mostly forgotten game with a lot of user-made levels that's definitely worth a bit of fresh attention.

The goal of the game is simple: move around with the green circle thing and collect all the diamonds. It's up to you to discover the rules!

Controls: joystick in port 2 exclusively. No keyboard input.

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