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Pluff (Unreleased) (c64)


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A colourful single screen platform adventure game comes in the form of a oddly named game ‘Pluff’… Named after the blobby main character who has to go around various rooms collecting various objects, in classic JSW style action. The game feels like a mixture of Bod Squad and Demon Blues, what with its decoration and look and feel.

Pluff comes as a nicely animated blob with a hi-res overlay, though oddly has a yellow outline, which doesn’t look quite right – but seems to be intentional. Other sprites are also of the same nature of detail and merge nicely into the game.

Graphics are very colourful, and detail is reasonable throughout the game’s quite large map (Considering its a preview), although its very block based in design. It’s still functional enough! Playability wise, it seems to lack the substance of other games of its kind and a little simplistic, but a fun game none the less!

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