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Starfysh Remix (c64)


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Starfysh Remix is a freeware horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up for the Commodore 64,  theC64Mini or the Ultimate 64 which consists of 4 different levels. Produced by The New Dimension in 2018 for Reset issue 12's Mix-I-Disk. Each level consists of its own atmospheric upbeat in game music (Unless you choose sound effects of course), and also some challenging game play.

It is the year 2195. Planet Earth was severely damaged by intergalactic alien rebel forces. War raged over the galaxy. Earth remains inhabitable, not many people or animals survived, apart from a few. The human race and dog race were transported to the one of the RB2017 rescue space stations, which was later on attacked by the same alien rebel forces. Enter one brave commander to stop this atrocity. That is of course YOU.

This game is PAL+NTSC Compatible

Please also note that this game is also multi load. If playing on tape. You will need to reset the tape counter when prompted and rewind to 000 every time the game is over. 

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