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Crazy Blaster (c64)


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The game play on offer within Crazy Blaster is a mixture between arcade platforming and a shoot’em up game. Pushing up on the joystick will result in thrust being applied to your spacecraft allowing you to navigate from one platform to another. However, the ability to thrust is not infinite, meaning that you will need to apply multiple thrusts to be able to successfully pull off the longer jumps

Once you eliminate all the aliens and rescue all the cosmonauts, you need to return safely to your base before you can move on to the next level. You will want to do all this before the timer expires as once the clock ticks down to zero, faster and more dangerous enemies will appear and hone in directly on you.

To help you with your mission, the game features a number of bonuses such as an extra life for a time bonus or extra shooting speed as part of the fire bonus.

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