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Flying Saucers (c64)


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In 1981 Williams Electronics released Defender, an all time classic multi-directional arcade shooter featuring 2D graphics as you defeat waves of aliens while protecting astronauts on the surface. But what if I told you there's a new game by Black Hole that is very much inspired by that game but looks oh so good and has been released on the C64 would you be interested? You would, good! Welcome to 'Flying Saucers', the latest version of a Defender style game that is now considered as fully playable on the C64!

Featuring the same game play style as the original Defender but with a more military theme, you must fly your aircraft back and forth destroying UFO's and bombing ground targets. Unlike the previous version we announced back in May however, this one is bug free, contains an intro, musics, a lot of levels, an end sequence, and is available as either PAL or NTSC,

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