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Toyz . Fickle . Fold'em 2 . Poppy Locky (02)


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C64 Compilation 02(Puzzle)

Another Puzzle Compilation consisting:
- Toyz (d64/crt)
- Fold'Em 2(d64)
- Fickle(d64/crt)
- Poppy Locky(d64)


This is a RGCD finalist puzzle game that plays like WAIMANU on the SMS where you are to match the same blocks to clear them on the screen within time limit. ( I donot have much details but the game is simple enough. Press F1 to reset the puzzle)

Fold'Em 2
A sequel to Fold'Em a puzzle game that plays like Xump on the Lynx, where you guide a robot (colour square) along a puzzle of white square path. The aim is to cover every square of the path in each level. Simple?

Another RGCD finalist game, a 1-button real-time puzzle game by Malcolm Tyrrell, where your goal is to guide Fickle to reach the heart in each level. The levels are different and laid with traps and nasties.  clockwise and anticlockwise rotating rotors on the floor will fling fickle to the left or right direction respectively. Walls with sharp edges will also kill Fickle. Click the button to switch between jumping and moving mode, this allows you to jump the rotors.Time is crucial so its advisable to plan the route before you start.

Cheating: You can skip levels with the Restore key, but this will cause the game to withhold its love.
Beware, this is a tough but challenging puzzle.It will be nice if they could save the game at every completed level

Poppy Locky
Another 1-button casual but ADDICTIVE game where you need to unlock (Pop the Lock) by timely matching the rotating marker to the required position of the lock. You Fail if you overshoot or press too early. The game gets harder with the next level as the combo sequences gets longer. (Dont know why, I like this)

As always, Have Fun

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